Bring your iPhone X to NationPCS™ and enjoy true unlimited data.
No games, no slower speeds.

Get unlimited talk, text, and 4G data without a contract or credit check. Give your iPhone the best network and give your wallet a much deserved break.

Activate iPhone online. No contract iPhone activation MVNO NationPCS.

NationWide Network

Nationwide 4G LTE

NationPCS™ service is powered by the spectrum rich Sprint network. Enjoy enhanced 4G LTE speeds and great in-building coverage with your smartphone.

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Advanced 4G LTE Prepaid Network

Say No To Slow Data

We won't slow down your data when you need it the most. Get the best DATA speeds for uploads, downloads, and web surfing on your NationPCS™ device.

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$35 Monthly Unlimited DATA

We Do Unlimited Right

Get unlimited* talk, text, and data for just $35 a month on one of America's largest wireless networks with no credit check or contract.

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Switching to NationPCS™ is easy.

Step One Purchase a device, or if you already have a compatible PCS device you can use it instead.
Step Two Purchase a NationPCS™ 4G LTE SIM card for the PCS network or use reuse your existing SIM card.
Step Three Activate your phone online, at this time you can bring your existing number or get a new one from us.

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